The vision of the Yeshua SA is to spread the Love and Word of Yeshua to the World, in order to help save the unsaved, and to keep planting the seeds of the Word of God in the hearts and minds of people we are serving and especially the next generation.


The mission of the Yeshua SA is to spread the Word of God to all the shepherds in the field, support missionary workers and evangelists, and equip new believers with the values in the Word of God. The Yeshua SA executes this mission by supporting and developing new and updating current literature into all needed languages and with best possible quality and cost to company. Yeshua SA fulfils this mission by facilitating importation, exportation, printing, and distributing of the Word of God in Bibles and Christian literature for Free to those in need. Yeshua SA combined mission is being a support structure for widows and orphans. Upliftment programs through ongoing and regular Praise and Worship projects, Evangelism and Gospel crusades to uplift the next generation and community.


Yeshua SA strives to do this work through the printing and or sourcing of printed Holy Bibles and Christian literature at the lowest possible prices. Yeshua SA strives to always deliver the best professional service and were possible ensure the best possible quality because it is the Word of GOD. Procurement and cost to the none profit company is areas of savings and negotiations. Always Pray and see guidance, Always Trusting in Yeshua to Provide in His Riches and Glory.


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Bible Distribution

540 310

November 2018 to 2 July 2024

PRAISE THE LORD! Over 540 310 Bibles and Christian literature for children were given Freely to all the Lost and Found Sheep.